Thursday, 22 September 2011


In all great mythical stories and known religions there has always been that unfathomable feminine presence that lives within our planet. She - the mother of life itself, She - who wears a beard of fire and goes to war, She - the illuminator of our darkest days, and, She - who sheds tears of sorrow for all mankind. She has come in many forms and vassals to guide and protect her children in their times of need, but this time, She, has come to discipline her children. Awakened from her slumber in great pain from the misuse of her life forces by greedy men. Her tears run greater than ever before, forming gapping chasms and ravines in the earth. Her beard overflowing through every crack and orifice in the earth, as hot lava would spew out an active volcano. She, know mounts her vassals, creatures so terrible to look upon that one glimpse would petrify the most courageous of hearts. Beings of unimaginable strength and power that will not hesitate to impart her necessary justice, but She weeps, as the many most still be punished for the few.

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