Friday, 11 November 2011

@Kolade - Post-Alan meeting update

Okay, from the meeting with Alan, we've decided that you'll be the chief character designer, since you have the most developed style.  As a result, can you make one draft of each character, as well as the centipede (based on Chris' pic below)

Just a few changes for you to bear in mind, if you could?

The General - Chris and I think he would be better without the sunglasses, and not fat

The Hero - Alan pointed out that the head is too distorted (also applies to the general).  Can you try a more realistic head shape?

Meanwhile, Chris and I will do scenery and prop concepts; once you've finalised the characters I'll make the orthographics so we can get modelling.

Cheers, Daniel

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Character Designs

Chris for your information, all characters including the centipede has to incorporate a line and circle concept with the line representing masculinity and circles femininity. Please try and incorporate these designs into the centipede and any other concepts you attempt.

New Character Design

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pitch Presentation

Underlord Studios Presentation

Modelled Centipede head

I wanted to do a model of the image I created. Granted, the design of the centipede may change because of style rethink but it was good to play around with animal anatomy and geometry. It was fun to work out where everything went and how it would move if it was rigged.

Character Silhouette