Monday, 26 September 2011

Martialis March

The year is ???? and the place is Long Island, New York, and the world’s greatest minds have gathered at North Port nuclear power station to celebrate a decade of the revolutionary plant being open. However, Dr Stein the station’s mastermind is troubled, for the last few years corrupt investors have been creaming off the profits causing the maintenance of the plant to fall below par.  Instead of the nuclear waste being properly disposed of it has ended up in a rocky ravine at the back of the power station. Dr Stein, after months of monitoring the abandoned nuclear waste, grows increasingly concerned with the ecological implications.  He observed the immediate attraction to the site by a rare subterranean ant species called Martialis, alongside deep fissures in the earth.  What did this all mean?  Dr Stein knew something was coming and it was big; what he didn’t know was how big.

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