Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The March of the Martialis

The Golden Martialis found there way from their dying Martian home world to Earth billions of years ago. In a cocoon trapped within a meteoroid, these insectoids have an uncanny resemblance to the common ant, and like most plant inhabiting ant species; The Martialis formed a Symbiotic relationship with the Earth, its new host. Living around the core’s crust, the subterranean Martialis’ psychic link with our planet awarded it a unique and accelerated growth. However, those days remained harmonious, and the Martialis grew productive in the generation of the planet. But, today is a different day, the year is 2012, and the Earth is suffering, with cracks penetrating from the core to the surface, the Martialis feels the mother’s pain and now grow vex. Until this day, The Golden Martialis aided their mother in providing a foundation for man to create his cities and dreams. Know they march, united as one with one cause, a Golden Horde; they march to rid the mother of her burden, and purge the surface world so healing may begin.

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