Monday, 26 September 2011

Possible animals for the monster

Hey guys I was looking at possible animals we could use for the giant monster that attacks NYC and I remember the idea of a crab coming up in one of our meetings. There's a couple of crabs that took my fancy, first being then "Sally Lightfoot Crab":

I think that this crab is just beautiful, the colours are amazing and its like a monster in disguise. I also thought that if we were to go with the 1950's Technicolour style, then this crab would be awesome for that.

Also on the subject of crabs, I found this other crab called the "Fiddler" crab:

That large claw would look brilliant as it smashes through a landmark building and it also gives a sense of oddness and weirdness to our monster.

But if we are just a fan of all crabs that are freakishly large then maybe the "King Crab" or the "Coconut Crab".

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