Monday, 12 December 2011

Modelling the Characters plan

As you guys know, we are a little behind and time is running out so we need to get as much done this week as possible. To spread the workload a bit all three of us must model at least one character each and then Kolade will model the remainder. What I want to know is, what character do you want to model. Personally I don't mind doing the Scientist. However it is mostly up to you Kolade. Seeing as I have the head already done for the centipede, I could finish it leaving less work for everyone. So comment back on what you guys want to do and then get cracking.

On another note Dan the Orthagraphics look wicked, however how are the car concepts coming along. Please get these all done today if you can, remember we need a tank too, possibly an army truck of some kind.

Kolade this is a shout out to you, where are you mate! We haven't heard or seen from you in over a week. Let us know where you are mate.

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