Thursday, 22 December 2011

Jet Model

Just need to add a basic pilot in the cockpit


  1. Hey Dan this is awesome, can't wait to see it in colour and textured. Do you have any new york images on street level? They will really help. Plus I'm not sure which kind of street level we want, would you prefer tall buildings or the lower 10 story like buildings?

  2. Plus just a small question, does the underground train system and the over head train system belong in the same time period?

  3. I'd stick to the lower buildings, say about 4 storeys high? Maybe put in one or two taller building for variation.

    As to the subway, both over and underground versions existed at the same time (they still do) it's just that they are generally not in the same place. For simplicity, I'd stick with the underground type for the street.

    I'll try to find some pictures of the streets, but I don't have many from ground level.