Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Two scripts, two variations

The first Script
 From the cavernous depths of the earth it slithered it’s way to the surface, through the New York subways used by innocent citizens.
Experience … the impossible! (Text, flashed up on the screen)
A creature brought to life through the technology of Studioscope.
See … the unbelievable! (Text, flashed up on the screen)
A movie filmed in ground-breaking 3-Dimension.
Envision a mutation from nuclear waste, part centipede, but, all monster!
A creature that in a flash became a living threat to humanity.
Police captain, requesting report from officer
“So let's have it rookie, what of this monster terrifying our city”.
Police officer
“Well it’s big, and terrible”!
A monster such as the eye of man has never before seen, causing a devastation that until a few days ago was entirely beyond the scope of man’s imagination.
Scientist’s Token female assistant
“What happened doctor? What made it grow?”
This centipede is growing 10-12 feet a day, today he is 40 feet, tomorrow 50 and the day after, a 100-foot. 
Scientist’s Token female assistant
“You’ve got to stop it!”
So gigantic in scope it dwarfs every wonder the screen has ever shown before. Trying every experiment their brilliant minds can conceive, they find the expected, then the unexpected, and finally the shocking.

The Second Script
This is New York of the '50s, a city plagued by its criminal underbelly. For a few dollars there is no job too heinous. Gangsters, employed by large corporations, dump toxic waste in the sewers and subways of Manhattan. However, for every action there is a reaction - the waste has been filtering deeper and deeper, mutating the creatures at the centre of the earth. Forcing them to seek larger prey.    
Up from the depths of the earth’s unknown core (Text, flashed up on the screen)
A creature comes to confound science, and terrorise the world.
A creature so horrific it has never been witnessed before on screen.
Prepare yourselves for …
What was it? Science did not know, but the greatest minds were willing to risk their lives to find out.
Scientist 1
“Here we see Lithobius forficatus, the common brown garden centipede, which lives in the upper layers of the soil under rocks and rotting logs.”
Scientist 2
“But, this ... this is a mutation of a species long forgotten, a failed species which has lost its battle to live near the surface of the earth. If we could only decipher its failure to live top-side, it just might be possible to defeat it.”
Witness the most powerful weapon ever developed by the human race.
 The Ultimate Nullifer.
A weapon so devastating, those scientists would risk destroying the earth, just to kill this creature.
Now man faces his greatest dilemma, unleash the Ultimate Nullifier on the creature and risk destroying the earth, or let the greatest threat to the universe ravish the human race.
What will they do? Watch ...

To find out!
Filmed in the stark realism of Percpto.

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