Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Trailer outline

After discussion, here's a new draft script for the trailer

Promo title

Waste being dumped in alley

Filmed in etc...

Reaction shot of female lead being menaced

Prepare yourself for etc...

Reaction shot of random male character backing away

The Greatest horror ever etc...

Crowd fleeing subway station, Centipede emerges from station (possible destruction of fencing, car etc)

Science lab - scientist explaining where monster came from

Street scene - backprojection centipede menaces soldiers (soldiers only seen from behind)

Close up on male and female leads "reacting"

Narration about military efforts failing over footage

Tanks opening fire (stock footage)

Centipede(s) destroy car(s), burst through wall? sideswipes tank into river?

Air force strafing run (stock footage)

Centipede rearing up (roaring sound effect)

Bunker - scientist telling general they need a new weapon

Closing titles - the most amazing spectacle etc.

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